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How Easy is Denture Repair?

The ease of any denture repair depends on the severity of the damage. Typically, a denture that has a crack can have repairs made by bonding it back together. A broken denture, however, often presents more of a problem. Luckily, our team at Northeast Lincoln Family Dentistry can help!

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In our article our dentist in Lincoln, NE will cover the following topics:

1. What can you do if your dentures break? Is there broken denture repair near me. Yes! Find out where below.

2. Should you perform denture repair yourself? Repairing dentures yourself isn’t the best idea. Let us help you find “emergency denture repair near me.”

3. What is the best denture repair glue? Although you can buy OTC denture repair kits, see your emergency denture repair dentist to have them properly fix your dentures.

Although it’s not impossible to repair a broken denture, it can often prove more difficult. Also, any damage will compromise the strength of the denture. To restore your denture, an impression of your mouth might be taken. This impression will either aid us in fixing the broken denture or aid us in making a completely new denture if it is beyond repair.

If your denture can be put back together, without any spaces or gaps, there is a better chance the dental laboratory can piece it back together – of course; this all depends upon the number of pieces and type of damage.

What about dentures with cracks or chips in them?

Denture teeth that have cracks can usually be a reasonably simple denture repair by a dental laboratory. They can match the existing shape and shade of the other teeth so that it blends in flawlessly.

In the case of a small chip, there is a chance that we will be able to smooth it out in the office without having to send it to the lab. However, this depends upon the size of the chip and its location on the denture.

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Can I do denture repair myself?


Do not attempt to repair any denture damage yourself. While we understand that you may be desperate to fix what is broken, you could do more harm than good. Yes, this is true even if you attempt a repair using an at-home denture fix-it kit.


Our denture studio makes emergency dental care a priority. We make sure that we have time in our day to see any emergency dental patients. Same-day or next-day appointments are available. We also have an after-hours emergency number.

I feel denture repair will be easy, I am certain I can do it at  home.

We prefer that a patient calls with any denture repair emergency rather than repair it at home. Often, a person ends up having to wait longer for the denture repairs to be made at the lab – not only will the lab fix the damage done by at-home “repairs,” but they are also repairing the original damage.

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One critical step in caring for your denture is keeping them clean. Keeping your dentures clean is not only crucial for the dentures themselves, but it’s also vital for the health of your mouth!

Even though you don’t have teeth in your mouth anymore, it is imperative to have excellent oral hygiene to help prevent infection or the development of thrush or other oral fungi.

When it comes to cleaning, what kind of toothbrush should I use?

Use toothbrush that has soft bristles along with toothpaste to help clean any remaining natural teeth. The same toothbrush, or gauze, can also help clean your palate, tongue, and gums. A denture cleaner can help clean your dentures and rid them of any bacteria.

Another essential item to note is to be sure to sleep without your dentures. Although you might feel self-conscious, your palate does need time to breathe without your denture in place. If you don’t ever remove your denture, it merely becomes a breeding ground for infection.

Below are a few additional questions about denture repair:

Can a broken tooth on a denture be fixed?
Generally speaking, repairs on denture teeth can be done without too much problem, most of the time. Your dentist or a prosthodontist will likely remove the tooth that has been damaged and take new measurements to ensure the new tooth fits with the existing teeth.

What is the best denture repair glue?
While the best denture glue is only available to dentists, you can still find over-the-counter denture glues that can be an effective short-term remedy. Your local pharmacy is an excellent place to find such kits.

Is there emergency denturerepair near me in Lincoln, NE?
YES! Nebraska Family Dentistry has seven locations throughout Lincoln, NE to make getting your dentures repaired easier than ever. Call or stop by one of our locations and let us help you!

Learn more about the denture repair service we provide.

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This gentle dentist says: “My goal as your dentist in Lincoln, NE is to listen to each of your concerns regarding your dental health. Once your concerns are addressed, our goal as a dental team is to provide you with exceptional care that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.”

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